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Whenever I reflect on my life, one constant has been a continuous, relentless, unyielding passion to discover what my purpose in life is; not a job for survival, but my true purpose. My purpose has always been there, sending me hints and signs, but I ignored them, didn’t understand them and admittedly scared by them. It’s taken me years to decipher and accept the signs and connections throughout my life, and with hard word and God, guiding and pushing me to never give up, stand up for what I believe in and the courage to go after it.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, raised in South Central Los Angeles, CA, words don’t begin to describe my life’s journey that has led me to discover my purpose, develop it, and now, assemble a coalition to build a new economic system for society where all people prosper, end global economic inequality and human suffering in our lifetime toward global peace. Isn’t it ridiculous that humans build and acquire so much wealth, achieve great advancements in Science, Math, Art, Finance, Economics, Technology, yet billions of people live in poverty, extreme poverty and low-income conditions with no solution in sight.

Carpe Diem

We’re facing large overwhelming challenges on multiple fronts and while some successes have been made, progress is slow and incremental, especially for those who only know suffering, hardship and struggle. U.S. and global rising wealth disparities, stagnate middle class and low-income wages, and a generational labor-shift resulting in Mass Job Loss from emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Machine Learning, not to mention the Climate crisis we’re facing, decades away from causing irreparable damage to our planet, demonstrate we’re heading in the wrong direction.

I believe, like many, the only solution to substantively address these monumental challenges is a global strategy robust and large enough in scale to put humanity on a new trajectory toward prosperity, equality, peace, education and purpose.

The human species is made up of distinct people each with varying mental and physical abilities and all deserve the same chance at prosperity no matter the race, region of origin, religion, gender or ability. Inequality is a festering virus that eats away at the core of humanity preventing our species’ ability to discover socioeconomic balance. Evidence of this is highlighted in our violent history and today, as we continue the same inequitable trend of not prioritizing the well-being and prosperity of all people.

Every war, fall of a great empire and ancient civilization can be traced back to human rights of freedom, liberty, equality, greed, territory – the acquisition of power and wealth. For example, Three Kingdoms War [(184-280) 36mil-40mil deaths), Punic Wars [(264 BC-146 BC) 1.25mil-1.8mil deaths], Peloponnesian Wars [(431BC-404BC) 75k-100k deaths], Greco-Persian Wars [(499 BC-449BC) 73.8k deaths], Crusades [(1095-1291) 1-3mil deaths/religious persecutions)], Mongol conquests [(1206-1368) 30mil-40mil deaths], Hundred Years War [(1337-1453) 2.3mil-3.3mil deaths], Qing conquest of the Ming aka Ming-Qing transition [(1616-1662) 25mil+ deaths], English Civil War [(1642-1651) 356k-410k deaths], French and Indian War aka Seven Years’ War [(1756-1763) 868k-1.4mil deaths], American Revolutionary War [(1775-1783) 37k deaths/a clash against taxation, power over another group – poor vs rich)], French Revolution [(1793-1794) 40k deaths/social unrest, inequality)], Napoleonic Wars [(1803-1815) 3.5mil-7mil deaths], American Civil War [(1861-1865) 650k-700k deaths/country split on slavery)], Mexican Revolution [(1910-1920 500k-2mil deaths], World War I [(1914-1918) 8.5mil-21mil deaths], Russian Civil War [(1917-1922 5mil-9mil deaths], Chinese Civil War [(1927-1949) 8mil-11.7mil deaths], World War II [(1939-1945) 56mil-85mil deaths], Arab-Israeli conflict [(1948-present) 116k+ deaths], Internal Conflict in Myanmar [(1948-present) 130k-250k deaths], Nigerian Civil War [(1967-1970) 1mil-3mil deaths], Lord’s Resistance Army Insurgency [(1987-present) 100k-500k deaths], and War in Afghanistan [(2001-present) 47k-61.5k deaths] to name a few.

I envision a world without human suffering in our lifetime toward global peace, sustainability, prosperity, equality and purpose. I believe, like many, the only solution to substantively address these monumental challenges is a global strategy robust and large enough in scale to put humanity on a new trajectory toward a balanced society.

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