I’ve spent my life trying to figure out what I’m meant to do in this world, the driving force of my life. I thought it was to chase the “American Dream”, to work hard at a job, career, family, and live a happy fulfilling life. The problem was I knew something was off about my life’s plan, feelings deep within – flickers of ideas, thoughts, large scale, pain and sorrow of those who suffer, how can i help – that’s all I could understand with no idea of how or what to do about what seemed like fiction, leaving me scared, inspired, and lost. I wasn’t prepared to accept giving up my goals of the American Dream for fiction, so I continued pursuit. IT, also known as my life’s purpose remained a mystery, and over time morphed into a new picture, Carpe Diem, seize the day living my life to the fullest so when mortality finds me, I would have no regrets wishing I did more. I did just that, or so I thought. I graduated college, worked many jobs, then a design and technology career, an Acting career, small business Entrepreneur, and my allusive IT continued to plague my mind.

It became clear to me the American Dream will always be out of reach for most people – varying physical, mental and social abilities, an uneven socioeconomic playing field, life’s unpredictability, and insufficient time to fit it all in, leaving most with no option but a life of low-income, poverty, extreme poverty, and death – the American Dream is more aspirational than a concrete life goal, and only meant for the fortunate few who manage to navigate the riddle of life and attain it.

Carpe Diem

The same old story echoing throughout human history, the poor and wealthy divided, causing imbalance in society crippling our ability to unite as one human tribe, highlighted in our violent history, where you can connect every war, empire collapse and the fall of ancient civilizations to human rights of freedom, liberty, equality, greed, territory – to the acquisition of power and wealth; Three Kingdoms War [(184-280) 36mil-40mil deaths), Punic Wars [(264 BC-146 BC) 1.25mil-1.8mil deaths], Peloponnesian Wars [(431BC-404BC) 75k-100k deaths], Greco-Persian Wars [(499 BC-449BC) 73.8k deaths], Crusades [(1095-1291) 1-3mil deaths/religious persecutions)], Mongol conquests [(1206-1368) 30mil-40mil deaths], Hundred Years War [(1337-1453) 2.3mil-3.3mil deaths], Qing conquest of the Ming aka Ming-Qing transition [(1616-1662) 25mil+ deaths], English Civil War [(1642-1651) 356k-410k deaths], French and Indian War aka Seven Years’ War [(1756-1763) 868k-1.4mil deaths], American Revolutionary War [(1775-1783) 37k deaths/a clash against taxation, power over another group – poor vs rich)], French Revolution [(1793-1794) 40k deaths/social unrest, inequality)], Napoleonic Wars [(1803-1815) 3.5mil-7mil deaths], American Civil War [(1861-1865) 650k-700k deaths/country split on slavery)], Mexican Revolution [(1910-1920 500k-2mil deaths], World War I [(1914-1918) 8.5mil-21mil deaths], Russian Civil War [(1917-1922 5mil-9mil deaths], Chinese Civil War [(1927-1949) 8mil-11.7mil deaths], World War II [(1939-1945) 56mil-85mil deaths], Arab-Israeli conflict [(1948-present) 116k+ deaths], Internal Conflict in Myanmar [(1948-present) 130k-250k deaths], Nigerian Civil War [(1967-1970) 1mil-3mil deaths], Lord’s Resistance Army Insurgency [(1987-present) 100k-500k deaths], and War in Afghanistan [(2001-present) 47k-61.5k deaths] to name a few.

That’s IT – my life’s purpose staring right at me my whole life – all people deserve a life of prosperity regardless of mental, physical or social abilities, resulting in the eradication of poverty, and balance to our most powerful driving force, the human instinct, survival. Thank you God, for loving me, and guiding me on my search, discovery and fulfilment of what I’m meant to do with this short time I have, Memento Mori, “remember that you must die”.

An end to poverty would benefit humanity immeasurably, such as, societal balance between the People, Government, and Corporations, robust and sustainable exponential economic prosperity, productivity and innovation, and a balance to the human survival instinct, extinguishing mass death and starvation for millions generation after generation, changing the trajectory of humanity toward peace.

The next chapter in my discovery and fulfillment of purpose would take more than ten years before THE MMORI PROJECT® think tank and H U M A ND R E A M® is born, my mission to develop, implement, and innovate our economic future through a paradigm shifting enhancement of modern day capitalism, meeting the needs of all people – eradicate suffering and death of billions for generations by reimaging wealth distribution, life-long learning labor force, global conflict exit strategies, sustainability3, and human threat mitigation – an economy engineered for every person 18 years and older to have direct access to widespread sustainable jobs, and no longer worried about food, water, shelter, a job, health coverage and economic advancement, no matter what region of the world, religious background, economic or social status, skin color, gender or age.

Human complexity, our past, a divided present, and uncertain future demands an out-the-box thinking, bold, unconventional NextGen approach to the enhancement of capitalism requiring;

  • Prosperity for all people Ends Poverty;
  • Large scale;
  • Underdeveloped countries take pride in building there own country;
  • Technological;
  • Exponential economic growth and innovation;
  • Opportunities for strategic Global Conflict Resolution;
  • Sustainability3* and Human Threat Mitigation woven into top line socioeconomics like Mass Deaths & Starvation, Inequality, Climate Change, and Chronic & Infectious Disease;
  • Founded on humancentric values and principles that prioritize the prosperity, well-being, and education of every human being in discovery of purpose.

H U M A ND R E A M®, balance to human instincts survival, tribe, and purpose.

Prosperity For All Ends Poverty.

Born is a path to Global Peace, Equality, and Sustainability3*

*sustainability3 (s3) – the synchronized balance of Human Sustainability; Individual, Tribal, and Environmental – Individual Sustainability (iS), for each person to not just exist, to survive, but live no longer worried about sustainable food, water, shelter, a job, health insurance and advancement for themselves and family in support of the Tribal and Environmental Sustainability. Tribal Sustainability (tS), social and economic sustainability of all people, the human tribe, against top threats like Mass Deaths & Poverty, Inequality, Chronic & Infectious Disease, Human Trafficking, War & Terrorism, Education & Learning, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, and Water & Food Insecurities, in support of Individual and Environmental Sustainability. Environmental Sustainability (eS) is the economic and social sustainability of the planet we inhabit, land, water, air, resources and indigenous species (animals, insects, birds, mammals, wildlife, biological) in support of Individual and Tribal Sustainability against conditions and threats, known and unknown, to human existence like, Climate Change, Overpopulation, Energy & Resource Depletion, Asteroid Defense and Natural Disaster Impact.

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