Today, most human beings struggle with survival, (food, water, and shelter) our most powerful human instinct, the driving force of human behavior, and our very existence, is ‘wildly’ out of balance, illustrated by mass suffering, pain, and death caused by poverty throughout human history. Is this what my life is meant to be? To work forty to fifty years for survival, procreation, and hopefully find fulfillment before mortality finds me, and becomes too late to discover meaning and purpose beyond our basic instincts?

Our third powerful instinct, Purpose, requires time to search, discover, and fulfill in a lifetime. For as long as I can remember, figuring out my Purpose in this world has always been a big part of my life, however, my only clues were vague Flickers of feelings, emotions, dreams, and concern for millions of my fellow brothers and sisters of the human family, who’ve only known struggle, pain, and death from poverty for centuries. I would ask my flickers, how can I help end global poverty? It remained a mystery and fictitious in my mind. The concept of eradicating global poverty was daunting, insurmountable, and terrified me, so I continued my goals to pursue the American Dream, and what I’m meant to do in this world.

In my thirties, the idea of growing old without discovering my purpose, motivated me to concretely revisit my life plan, and eliminate the dual struggle of my pursuit for the American Dream and Purpose. This process settled my mind, and the cloud of flickers, became clear distinct meaning – to help those trapped in poverty, extreme poverty, and low-income, who needlessly endure suffering, pain, and death from mass hunger, substandard housing, health and education insufficiencies, debt, and stress every year. The world is so incredibly wealthy, yet for generations, we continue to be incapable of solving one of humanity’s oldest failures – poverty for most of the human species, while few enjoy prosperous lives.

140 million Americans, almost half of the country live in poverty or low-income. 3.4 billion people, almost half of the world’s population live on $5.50 per day or less.

One thing stood out for me throughout my journey, the American Dream will always be out of reach for most people, for many reasons, leaving most with no option but a life of poverty, however, all people deserve a life of prosperity, and make their dreams come true, regardless of humanity’s varying physical, mental, and social abilities.

This led me to ask one question, how to create a Bottom-Up approach to Wealth Creation and Distribution, that will expedite a path to prosperity for all people, global economic equality, and the eradication of mass poverty in our lifetime.

The answer, AllToTop Economics, a paradigm shifting, socioeconomic theory, strategy, and platform highlighted by one fundamental principle; individual empowerment, ‘The People’s Guide to Prosperity’, a mobile-website application, designed to guide users in real-time through a multi-pathway to prosperity, action plan and roadmap system to follow that outlines education, experience, cost requirements and prerequisites for desired job, career, trade, upskill or reskill, career change, investing, entrepreneurship, and financial planning and management.

AllToTop Economics development strategy includes, an Infrastructure ReadyLG system engineered to establish a streamlined, standardized process for sustainable shovel ready infrastructure projects, locally and nationally, complimented by a powerful labor force, and higher return on investment predictability profile for robust private-public partnership (p3) financing and funding – the building blocks of societal balance between the people, government, and corporations.  

The vision, values and principles of the H U M A ND R E A M®, is the safeguard, betterment, and advancement of all people in the human family, bringing balance to our survival instinct, eliminating mass poverty over time, a catalyst for global Peace.

The H U M A ND R E A M® Foundation’s mission of Prosperity, and Peace, will ignite the spark for an era of purpose driven lives for humanity. I thank God for all things, guiding me to stop, listen, and seek the truth of my Flickers – end mass poverty, and the pain, struggle, and death it causes. What are your Flickers trying to tell you?


Day, 2067, August – Global poverty has been eradicated. Prosperity for all people has been achieved, creating a world of stable countries with no chronic and infectious diseases killing people in mass every year.

Climate Change reduction goals continue to exceed routinely, reversing greenhouse emissions impact on our planet.

Economic equality, access, and opportunity for all is a universal standard.

An entire species equipped to better navigate life’s unknown having adopted Education & Well-being as a foundation for our children.

The final agreement to the global nuclear proliferation doctrine signed, encapsulating a milestone in human centric principles and values.

AllToTop Economics, through next generation labor force system of lifelong learning, adaptability, innovation, and inclusion, solving mass layoffs due to automation and machine learning, so when the unknown occurs in life, all people have a pathway to prosperity.

Morning, 2083, November – Sustainability realized, ending resource depletion, ecosystem, and habitat disruption. 

Terrorism no longer exists with generations of young children progressing in families and stable homes filled with hopes and dreams.

We have eliminated the remaining barriers of corruption, conflict, poor education, and lack of resources, paving the way for global cooperation, collaboration and unifying common goals.

Afternoon, 2089, January – Global Peace achieved. The signing of the first ever, human species treaty and peace accords.

Dawn, 2107, June – All People achieve the H U M A ND R E A M®, Prosperity, Peace, and Purpose driven lives.

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