AllToTop Economics

A Bottom-Up Approach To Wealth and Distribution

What is AllToTop Economics?

AllToTop Economics, a new vision for a Bottom-Up Approach to Wealth Creation and Distribution, a broad based movement and campaign that empowers individuals and families through short and long term prosperity goals, economic decisions, and management that will create stronger wealth creation, mobility, lower unemployment, greater opportunities, increased retail investors, and better quality of life, contributing to the growth of regional and local community economics.

AllToTop Economics, a paradigm shifting, socioeconomic theory, strategy, and platform that includes, 'The People's Guide to Prosperity', mobile-website application, designed to guide users in real-time through a multi-pathway to prosperity, action plan and roadmap system to follow that outlines education, experience, cost requirements and prerequisites for desired job, career, trade, upskill or reskill, career change, investing, entrepreneurship, and financial planning and management.

AllToTop Economics theory postulates by providing society's citizens, a tangible, easy to follow, guide to prosperity, will generate powerful labor force participation, economic progress in wages, resources, career opportunities, and higher confidence in government and corporations. The increased demand on products, and services, due to stronger expanded consumer base spending more, creates corporate growth, competition, innovation and investment, leading to more competitive hiring in all industries and more revenue for the government via larger tax base - the building blocks of societal balance between the people, government, and corporations.

AllToTop Economics development strategy includes, an Infrastructure ReadyLG system engineered to establish a streamlined, standardized process for sustainable shovel ready infrastructure projects, locally and nationally, complimented by a powerful labor force, and higher return on investment predictability profile for robust private-public partnership (p3) financing and funding.