H U M A ND R E A M® is the implementation, pursuit and achievement of Prosperity, Peace, and Purpose for all people of the human family.

H U M A ND R E A M® Foundation's mission is to end mass poverty, by building pathways for humanity to achieve, The H U M A ND R E A M®, encompassing an economic movement and campaign to meet the poverty challenges of communities, regions, and countries worldwide, with a new vision for a Bottom-Up approach to Wealth Creation and Distribution, AllToTop Economics. AllToTop Economics is a paradigm shifting, socioeconomic theory, strategy, and platform that empowers individuals and families with, 'The People's Guide to Prosperity', mobile-website application, designed to guide users in real-time through a multi-pathway to prosperity, action plan and a roadmap system to follow. It outlines education, experience, cost requirements and prerequisites for desired job, career, trade, upskill or reskill, career change, investing, entrepreneurship, financial planning, and management, generating powerful labor force participation, and is tailored to country specific implementation and adoption.

AllToTop Economics empowerment development strategy incorporates an Infrastructure ReadyLG system engineered to establish a streamline, standardized process for sustainable shovel ready infrastructure projects, locally and nationally, complemented by a resilient work force, and higher return on investment predictability models for robust private-public partnership (p3) financing and funding - the building blocks of societal balance between the people, government, and corporations. The H U M A ND R E A M®, focus on integrity of individuals, families, and communities regarding their financial needs, a sustainable engine of productivity, and the eradication poverty that cause mass hunger, wealth inequality, substandard housing, and health and education insufficiencies, carving a path to global peace, igniting the spark of purpose driven lives for all people.